Letter from Eleanor....

I will be glad to send you an 8oz. sample bottle of VF-11 plant food concentrate... Send me $3.00 to cover the cost of mailing...and send me your phone number as well as your address, in case I need to call you.
(I may have difficulty reading your handwriting, etc.)

The sample 8 oz. bottle will make EIGHT GALLONS OF FERTILIZING SOLUTION...a large enough amount to test on your houseplants and in your yard for a few weeks. By then, you will see all the marvelous changes we have been telling you about. It happens fast.

You can imagine the joy it is, for us to bring this kind of
happiness to so many people!!

Send for a sample....and you will see what I mean....

Call 1-800-711-8585 to place a Visa or Mastercard order.
(a 'live' person will answer your call, or call you back)

We mail order in USA only.

Eleanor's of California
PO Box 18340
San Jose, CA 95158-8340