Foliar Feeding or Root Feeding once a week
outdoors is ideal. A hose-end sprayer works
best and is the most economical method.

If you have any sickly plants that are struggling
to survive, VF-11 Plant Food will bring them back
to health quickly.

VF-11 Plant Food builds magnificent health in any
plant, or tree, or bush, or vine, or ground cover, or lawn.

The ideal mix for all plants is one ounce
VF-11 concentrate to one gallon water.
VF-11 Plant Food for Indoor and Outdoor Plants
This Cyclamen is being grown hydroponically...
No soil, only VF-11 Plant Food and water.

Amazing ?
The photo below was sent to show Eleanor how beautifully this cactus has developed using only VF-11 Plant Food for many years.
This is why people fall in love with VF-11 Plant Food...
And so will you !!! And it is so easy !!!

One ounce of concentrate mixed with one gallon of water is the ideal mix.
Use it each time you water.

Do not mix with other fertilizers...LET IT WORK ALONE !!!
Foliar feeding your vegetables and fruits with VF-11 Plant Food will give you incredible results. VF-11 Plant Food brings up the sugars of all fruits and vegetables. The flavors are going to improve greatly and you will never grow fruits and vegetables without VF-11 ever again.
No more tasteless melons...
No more sour strawberries...
All fruits will sweeten and be more enjoyable !!!