Pistachio Leaf Tissue Analysis
Analysis BEFORE application of

Analysis AFTER application of
In 1999, a Pistachio farm received this Lab Report on the right. You can see that the micro and the macronutrients in his trees are 'out of balance' !!! The next year in 2000, VF-11 Plant Food was put to the test to see how it could improve this situation.

After only 6 foliar applications
(2oz VF-11 to one gallon water, 3 weeks apart) another Lab Report was taken.
It's was amazing !!! The neighboring Pistachio owner looked at this second report and said, "That's impossible !!!"

You will understand why the neighbor made his remark when you examine the second Lab Report taken in 2000 after applying VF-11 only 6 times !!!
Yes, anyone looking at the second report would have difficulty believing a gentle fertilizer like VF-11 could create an amazing 'balance' so quickly !!! Adding nothing to the soil !!! Proving once again
That VF-11 is a "Breakthrough" !!!
On the right, is the second Lab Report taken after only 6 foliar feedings with VF-11 on the same farm in Chowcilla, CA. (2oz VF-11 to one gallon water, every 3 weeks) Notice the PERFECT BALANCE of all nutrients in so short a time !!! And nothing need to be added to the soil !!!

Keep in mind that VF-11 is very low in Nitrogen....it's almost 'uncanny' that it was able to bring up the Nitrogen so beautifully so quickly...proving once again VF-11 is a "Breakthrough' !!!

And the fungal disease is already disappearing because VF-11 creates a perfect pH where fungal diseases can not 'take hold' !!! This should have been a 'short year' because of the alternate bearing branches, instead his crop increased from 2000 lbs per acre to 3600 lbs per acre !!!

His processor said,
" What are you using, this is the best
crop in all California."

VF-11 is a 'godsend' to this generation of diseased trees and burned out soils.

It's a " Breakthrough."

Results are fast and obvious and money-making !!!