Cooper-Garrod Vineyard
Test 1996
Notice in the picture at the right, there is a serious potassium deficiency.

Note the die back of the leave very little surface of either leave can contribute to the ripening of the fruit.
This is a comparison picture to show you the original sickly condition of this Cabernet Franc field.

The photo on the left is the sick row 'Notice' how little fruit is on the vine. Our 'test row' on the right is full and healthy, while the rest of the field is sickly and producing poorly.

This picture was taken on a sunny afternoon during the
growing season.

Notice the magnificent health that VF-11 has created in this potassium deficient sickly field. VF-11 works best when sprayed in the hot sun, the quicker it dries the better.
Never spray in the evening with VF-11.

VF-11 Plant Food is a 'breakthrough'

Even though we foliar fed the vines in the hot afternoon sun
VF-11 never burned the vines, it just gave them greater
strength and health.
This is a picture of our VF-11 treated vine.

Notice the abundance of fruit even when testing started after
the blossoms had formed. Isn't it amazing that VF-11 was
able to 'set' all those blossoms even on a sickly vine.
A word from the Garrod consultant, Rick Berg

The mix for the test was: One ounce VF-11 to one gallon water or one gallon VF-11 to 100 gallons of
water which will fertilize approximately one acre.

Healthy wine grapes require a 6 to 1.....Potassium/Magnesium ratio.
Notice the untreated vines are 2.8 to 1.....this is deficient !!!
The treated vines are 5.73 to 1.....Potassium levels....this is almost PERFECT !!!
This perfect balance was accomplished by merely foliar feeding with VF-11 Plant Food.


Keep in mind, Mr. Garrod was ready to rip out this field due to the fact that it was in such bad condition. And because the fertilizer companies told him he would have to trench alongside each row and 'shank' in tons of potassium.....a very expensive solution, and think of the horrible pollution.

Notice the Lab Repot after VF-11 shows a perfect balance of all micro and macronutrients
and nothing was added to the soil.

Incredible?? You Bet !!!
The lab reports show the before and after numbers to prove the
outstanding results
after foliar feeding with VF-11 Plant Food.
Lab report representing deficiencies in sick vineyard...before spraying with VF-11 Plant Food
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Lab report representing amazing balance of potassium/manganese...after foliar feeding with VF-11 Plant Food
Final picture of the VF-11 treated row at harvest time.

I would call this 'incredible results', what would you call it??

This test resulted in 300 pounds of grapes from this short test row. Just imagine the tonnage that could have been produced in the entire field. Not only did VF-11 cure the virus and balance the micro and macronutrients (without adding anything to the soil) it also brought the sugar brix up a month earlier then would normally be expected....Thus eliminating damage from early rains. Also, mildew was eliminated without the need for sulfur spraying. Why?....Because VF-11 maintains a perfect pH in the leaf structure when applied routinely every 14 days. So you have eliminated to need for sulfur spraying.

Yes, ' VF-11 Plant Food' is truly a 'breakthrough' !!!
Just imagine we are this close to eliminating poisonous sulfur spraying in our vineyards and purifying the air for your workers and for you. Dr. Dean Adell said that two new nerve diseases have been discovered and strangely enough BOTH came from the Napa Valley.

Could these two new nerve diseases be caused by poisons by sulfur spraying? The department of agriculture has restricted sulfur spraying in the air yet the vineyards continue to spray this poison. Gentle non-toxic VF-11 Plant Food creates a perfect pH in the grapevine structure
and we all know that mildew can not grow in a perfect pH environment.

Yes, VF-11 Plant Food is a Breakthrough !!! Test it your self and you will see.

1311 Woodland Ave #1 Modesto, California 95351 (209) 529-4080 FAX (209) 529-4736
VF-11 Plant Food
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