The population explosion has demanded larger and larger crop yields, which have
come about by heavy use of High Nitrogen fertilizers and a heavy use of Pesticides!!!
These concentrates of High Nitrogen fertilizers have resulted in nitrite contamination
of our drinking water. Infants are especially susceptible to nitrite poisoned waters.

High concentrates of High Nitrogen fertilizers also contributes to oxygen problems
in our water..greatly reducing needed energy levels for all of us.

Plant life is not just an ornament, its not just scenery for our busy lives. Plant life
directly meets all our needs!! It provides us with oxygen in our air, and with materials
to build shelter, and nutrition to build healthy bodies, and provides us with substances
to cure diseases. We at VF-11 Plant Food are very committed to preserving the
delicate balance of our wonderful Eco-System.

How will VF-11 Plant Food make a difference?

We start with a gentle formulation of micro and macronutrients that will not disturb
the micro-organisms in our soil. In fact you will see a larger population of earth worms
very soon after you begin using VF-11 Plant Food.

Simply by spraying VF-11 Plant Food on all the foliage in your yard, you are actually bringing the same gentle environment of a rain forest, right to your home. Once you achieve the vibrant health of your plants with Foliar and Root Feeding you may never need pesticides again. Because VF-11 Plant Food makes your plants so healthy, amino acids will never weep out to provide a food supply for bugs. This is why you will eliminate the need to spray pesticides.

"VF-11 Plant Food" will give you a closer connection to nature, indoors and outdoors.

"VF-11 Plant Food" is non-toxic to you, and to your children, and to your pets. And its
non-polluting to our environment.


"VF-11 Plant Food" is a 'Godsend' to this generation of poisoned soils, polluted water
and diseased vegetation.

"VF-11 Plant Food" was formulated by a "genius' of a man who spent his life
perfecting it for us.

VF-11 Plant Food
Amazing " Breakthrough " in Hydroponics
(Comments from Eleanor concerning the testimonial above)
This testimonial will give you a clear picture of the 'scientific perfection' of VF-11 Plant Food
I am sure that most people are not aware of the huge amount of toxic material that is being dumped into our streams, rivers and now even into our oceans.....This dumping going on every 14 days by thousands and thousands of hydroponics farmers in our world. We can not let it go on any longer.

The reason these HYDROPONICS farmers are dumping this poison every 14 days, is because Hydroponics farmers use high nitrogen fertilizers and high nitrogen fertilizers build up toxicity which can damage their crops. So this toxic build up must be monitored almost daily to be sure that the toxic levels do not move to a danger point. So every 14 days the tanks must be dumped and replenished with fresh chemicals to keep their crops from being damaged. This is an ongoing activity which demands constant dumping of toxic materials into our precious water and soil.

Can you imagine the tons of tons of polluted toxic material being dump into our waters by thousands and thousands of hydroponics farmers all over our world.

Holland has more hydroponics farmers than any other country. More and more research is proving that Holland is making the oceans more and more toxic with their use of high nitrogen fertilizers. Keeping all of this in mind, can you imagine the advantage of using a gentle non-toxic, non-polluting product like VF-11 Plant Food in hydroponics farming?

We must do more to educate all hydroponics farmers to the fact that they can literally help to save our planet by simply switching to this magnificent gentle plant food, instead of using highly toxic nitrogen products.

Hydroponics farmers please be aware of all of these facts concerning hydroponics pollution. All it is going to take is for you to test VF-11 Plant Food yourself and change your way of farming. Our world needs your help BEFORE IT'S TO LATE.

Don't Think About It Tomorrow...... Think About It Today......
Hydroponics Farmers Can Greatly Reduce Toxic Poisoning of Our Precious Waters
Information You Should Know.....
Don't let this opportunity to "make a difference" pass you by.